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Flowriding is a late-20th century alternative boardsport incorporating elements of surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, skimboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Flowriders ride on artificial waves that are technically called “sheet waves”.


The race track on Norwegian Bliss is brilliant fun. Following the success of the track installed on Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) have done it again. The aft end of deck 19 plays host to the two-level race track. The track on board Bliss is around 1000 ft (300 m) and about 40% longer than the track on Norwegian Joy. The go-kart racing track is run with 10 electrically powered carts. Most of the carts are single seater but there are some two seaters (a total of 20 cars). Each race session involves up to 10 cars in a 5-6 min race session. Furthermore, the karts are decorated with red Ferrari Formula One livery for an added sense of big race atmosphere.

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